Innovation is in our lifeblood.

We want our impact to go far beyond technology.
And even further into the future.

The key is to embrace disruption and change early.

Plug and Play is a unique place.

A platform where genius thrives and hard work pays off. The common trait is passion. The common goal is success.

But, with success comes responsibilities we must always consider. For innovation to truly take flight, there must be equality, efficiency, and a keen eye to the future.

We are at an unprecedented crossroad: billions inhabiting the planet, more connected than ever. These are challenging, but progressive times.

We forge partnerships that generate advancements in technology and human experience. By focusing on issues that matter, we write a legacy that is both considerate and meaningful.

There are ecological concerns we must address. We can do that through technology, and smarter living. We will continue to make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint on a global level and become a champion for a cleaner tomorrow.

The best thing to do after understanding what is important, is doing what is important. There is no better time to do that than now.

We believe the work environment
should be built on equality,
progression, and good leadership.

It all started with a mission.

From the beginning, Plug and Play has worked with people who have the profound ambition of improving the world.

The genesis of these great ideas are just fragile thoughts that need nurturing in order to blossom. We love to help these ideas grow into some of the most powerful technologies that we use today.

We are not just an investment fund, or an incubator – what makes Plug and Play so unique is our 360° ecosystem. This allows for remarkable innovation to take shape on an international scale.

Our focus is to help startups succeed, and to achieve that, we had to look way beyond what we knew to be possible…

Code for Kids

We work with local schoolchildren to help them get a head start with their computer science and coding careers. We’ve had 302 children complete the program and we’re sure we have seen the next Mark Zuckerberg…

Tecnologico de Monterrey

We created a startup bootcamp for our partners in Mexico to bring teenage entrepreneurs to taste the essence of Silicon Valley.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT host an MIT Pavillon in our Silicon Valley Headquarters which offers there students deals to get them started in the startup world. Our partnership has lasted over five, great years.