International Partner

Singapore - Plug and Play

SPH-PnP is a media startup accelerator by Asia’s leading media organization, Silicon Valley’s global accelerator, and the Singapore government’s premier technology fund. The three giants has establish a powerful partnership for the accelerator program in Singapore with a total of 8 promising start-ups as the pioneer batch of this program.

The Co-Foundry (TCF), a venture accelerator in Singapore and Plug and Play(PnP), a global accelerator based in Silicon Valley launches a new initiative TCF-PnP Program: Fintech Call 2015, focusing at incubating Fintech startups in the region. This program follows the successful deployment of the US-Singapore Multi-Stage Accelerator Program, which launched in December 2014. Partnering with the top global FX broker service provider, OANDA Asia Pacific and local VC and PE firm in Singapore, BlueHill Asset Management, the TCF-PnP Program: Fintech Call 2015 combines the best of the startup ecosystem with industry to propel fintech startups in reaching their full potential.