International Partner

China - SIAS Amidi Incubation Center

Sias Amidi US-China Startups Incubation Center is a China-based international investment institution jointly founded by Sias International University and Amidi Group. Specialized in both growing local tech startups as well as helping cutting edge global companies enter into and expand their businesses in the Chinese market, the incubation center is committed to early-stage investment and providing comprehensive entrepreneurial education.

With combined global incubating resources of Amidi Group (whose subsidiary companies include Plug and Play Technology Center, 1010 Wilshire Community and Hollywood Production Center), and regional expertise, talent pool, and industry networks from Sias International University, we accelerate and invest in the most promising and innovative technology startups in China and around the world. We provides the ideal channel for investors looking to capitalize on the opportunities of an exciting emerging market, while being the platform for regional entrepreneurs and international companies to grow and succeed.