1/05/15: Last Week in Tech, in Tweets

1. Another data breach! Chick-fil-A admits to "potential data breach" at some of its restaurants. http://t.co/Si3HX9LR2S pic.twitter.com/vR7qHjYYiy — Mashable Tech (@mashabletech) January 2, 2015 2. Sony is honoring the holiday spirit. After a holiday cyber attack took down the PlayStation network, Sony is trying to make good http://t.co/Tp7HoJXiam pic.twitter.com/MjGiHGae0L — The Verge (@verge) January 2, […]

1. Another data breach!

2. Sony is honoring the holiday spirit.

3. Smartwatches just got smarter.

4. Half Life 3? Maybe, don’t get your hopes up.

5. Taco Bell is pushing for a special Emoji.

6. Firefox is coming to your TV.

7. Tons of new gadgets bringing us into the new year.

8. Headphones that charge your smartphone!

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