Plug and Play Fall EXPO Wrap-up

This past Thursday was the third Expo Event of 2014 here at Plug and Play, and it definitely had the best turnout of the year. A mix of 800+ entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate representatives packed the auditorium at the Plug and Play Event Center in Sunnyvale yesterday for 56 pitches from the most promising startups […]

This past Thursday was the third Expo Event of 2014 here at Plug and Play, and it definitely had the best turnout of the year. A mix of 800+ entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate representatives packed the auditorium at the Plug and Play Event Center in Sunnyvale yesterday for 56 pitches from the most promising startups of this year’s Brand & Retail and Startup Camp accelerators.

The day’s events were kicked off with a keynote speech from Bitpay‘s Chief Compliance officer Tim Byun. Tim has over 20 years of experience in ensuring compliance, including five years as Visa’s AML officer and 16 more as a bank examiner for the Federal Reserve and the FDIC. Tim’s speech touched on the advantage of ‘push’ transactions (such as Bitcoin) over certain traditional forms of payment as ‘pull’ transactions. Where ‘pull’ transactions such as credit and debit card payments require data about the user to initiate the process, ‘push’ transactions circumvent the need for the input of personal information. Tim’s speech was perfectly timed and particularly relevant in light of the recent security breach at Home Depot.

There was also a ‘fireside chat’ featuring our CEO Saeed Amidi alongside Plug and Play co-investors Deepak Kamra and Mohsen Moazavi, during which they discussed their respective technology investment strategies. Deepak has been with Canaan Partners for over 20 years where he has specialized in digital media as well as software investments and Mohsen is a founding partner of Columbus Nova Technology Partners which is a global, multi-stage technology investment firm. Their discussion provided strategic insight to investors searching for the right technology in addition to some sage advice for entrepreneurs working to get their ideas off of the ground.

The day was composed of three 90 minute sessions, each of which was made up of 16 to 20 five minute pitches. At the conclusion of each segment, the judges voted to select three winners for a total of six by the end of the day. The following companies pitched throughout the day:

Sightly’s award-winning TargetView platform enables brands and their agencies to dynamically personalize video ads and deliver thousands of hyper-local, micro-targeted campaigns across multiple screens through its exclusive access to YouTube’s TrueView inventory and Google’s premium content network.
Linc Care streamlines a personal and contextual self-serviced customer care experience that drives loyalty and increases LTV.
Link enabled shopper marketing and loyalty.
Pijon keeps families connected while helping college students stay happy and healthy.
WibiData’s software provides the real-time machine learning platform retailers need to build, experiment and deliver personalized experiences to their customers.
Social Music Player.
Beezy. Social at Work. Helping organizations know what they know.
A mobile app for instant recipe discovery and curated shopping.
Capillary Technologies enables retail marketers to easily and quickly manage their customer data, gain insights and personalize engagement across omni-channels, driving a significant increase in sales and loyalty.
Sparkle bridges the gap between eCommerce/Digital and legacy retail environments.
Leveraging predictive analytics to turn “Big Data” into “Retail Information.”
Grabit Inc. is poised to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar material handling market with its patented electroadhesion technology.
Airseed is an infrastructure layer of consumer insights for brands, retailers, and mobile/web developers. The Airseed platform powers ’email connect’ single sign-on authentication, with hyper-rich user data and analytics, including online/offline transactions, interests, intent, social, demographics, and other data about authenticated users.
Try before you buy.
Sweet savings, automatically.
Browse videos about consumer products.
Placed is the leader in location-device insights and ad intelligence.
CircleUp is an online investment platform connecting high-growth consumer product & retail companies with accredited investors.
Sift turns retail email marketing into a fun, personalized virtual mall, making it easy for retailers to engage their users on the phone.
Tells you how much you will pay for healthcare before you go to the doctor.
Every cleaning service on demand.
Connect with fashionistas who shop for you.
An automated virtual assistant for Apps.
Distributed e-commerce platform for digital publishers and merchants.
Offering advanced wearable technology as the primary solution for user authentication and security.
Empowering do-it-yourself landlords.
Re-uniting lost pets with their families.
Leave your mark in space and time.
Enlarging the value chain of the hotel industry.
The easiest automation gateway helping entrepreneurs get rid of time-consuming tasks between all their online apps.
Disrupting the relation between bank and SMB.
Helping businesses (Hospitality & retail sector) to monetize free Wi-Fi, by turning it into a marketing tool.
We bring real-time Big Data Analytics to the masses by making it cost-effective.
Provides a virtual environment for over two million network professionals to design & optimize networks of any size without the need for physical hardware infrastructure.
Predictive inbox that turns emails into actionable cards.
We turn your smartphone into a 3D Scanner.
Intelligence to develop, grow and monetize loyal users.
Provides the answers to “What do people really think?” via its multifaceted software platform for publishers and brands.
The art and science of investing.
Design, make and gift exclusive “hand made” items.
Automating clinical training for medical professionals.
Artificial intelligence tech to help recruiters identify top talent.
3D print your game.
Rotating savings platform for emerging markets.
Visual search platform for products.
An easier, faster and cheaper way to resolve your immigration needs.
Your gateway to travel activities.
Democratizing payments, open payment platform on the cloud.
Offers a unified multi-retailer checkout API—delivering the best user experience to increase sales for content publishers.
Defragmenting your datacenter workloads.
Affordable crop management platform for farmers.

From our Brand & Retail accelerator, the judges voted Augmented Pixels, Grabit, and Prevedere best in show.

The winners from our Startup Camp were Statim Health, ABL Solutions, and root.  Congratulations to the winning teams!   For some additional information on the winning pitches, check out this article from the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Last week’s turnout was a testament to the quality of the entrepreneurs that joined our Brand & Retail and Startup Camp Accelerators at with this past summer’s class. We want to thank everyone who made the trip to Sunnyvale yesterday, and we hope to have you all back for our next expo this upcoming December.

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