6/02/14 Last Week In Tech…In Tweets

1) Apple’s signature event WWDC is here. Apple unveils Mac OS X 10.10 — now officially known as Yosemite http://t.co/ppLL2Edf2I #WWDC pic.twitter.com/Hl0etQ3UR5 — Mashable (@mashable) June 2, 2014 RT @SAI: Apple announces iCloud Drive, an online storage system similar to Dropbox http://t.co/TLC7PAqnvt — Joseph Weisenthal (@TheStalwart) June 2, 2014 you can add an arrow and […]

1) Apple’s signature event WWDC is here.

2) Google rolls out its new self-driving cars.

3) Mary Meeker of KPCB releases her annual Internet Trends presentation.

4) Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer buys the clips for $2 Billion.

5) The Zucks donate $120 Million to California Schools.

And in memoriam…

6) Maya Angelou Passes Away

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