Plug and Play Spring EXPO Round-up

55 startup companies from Plug and Play’s Retail, International, Media, and Startup Camp accelerators took the stage at our quarterly pitch event EXPO yesterday. Over 900 entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate partners, and tech geeks showed up to watch the 3-min demos which, collectively, demonstrate they type of companies that are securing funding and gaining traction […]

55 startup companies from Plug and Play’s Retail, International, Media, and Startup Camp accelerators took the stage at our quarterly pitch event EXPO yesterday. Over 900 entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate partners, and tech geeks showed up to watch the 3-min demos which, collectively, demonstrate they type of companies that are securing funding and gaining traction today.

In Retail, Point of Sale technology at the grocery store continues to be a hot area, as does indoor mapping and location driven mobile advertising, particularly solutions that capture shoppers in-store.

Connected home technology was also received well, perhaps because Google’s $3.2 billion dollar purchase of Nest is still high on investors’ minds.

Ultimately, the judges picked 5 companies which are not only hot (measured by traction and/or revenue), but also heavily disruptive. Without further adieu, here are your Spring 2014 EXPO Winners:


  – Tulip Retail’s tablet app gives retail sales associates access to product, inventory and customer information that empowers them to answer questions, make personalized product recommendations and transact more sales.

 – Fast track for the checkout aisle.

  – Goji develops Smart Locks that provide home access control and information—including picture alerts—to your smartphone.

 – Hotels, Airlines, Car Rental companies and Airports can use Altitude to get booking details and verified IDs from nearby travelers.

 – Shippo’s API gives E-commerce stores Amazon-like shipping discounts and infrastructure.

If you couldn’t make it out yesterday to watch the pitches, scan through this list and see what kind of companies are getting funded today.

MORNING SESSION: Brand and Retail

 – xAd helps brands harness the power of accurate location data to produce measurable results from mobile advertising.

 – CartCrunch gives you real time prices for your grocery list in all local retailers. For US Android/iOS users.

 – Data, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for the physical retail world

 –  product authentication system used by brands to allow customers to assess the authenticity of their products.

 – Grability is a new way of shopping that mimics the best of brick and mortar shopping with the convenience of online shopping.

 – Bluefox is influencing in store shoppers with targeted digital signage. Their advertisements reach as many viewers as the Super Bowl…every day.

 – Experts in video analytics, Quividi does real-time audience measurement for ad-supported digital signage networks.

 – ReadyPulse software helps brands leverage social content from their brand ambassadors, their best marketing asset.

 – Retailigence powers and attributes Online-to-Offline marketing and shopping by leveraging unique access to local in-store product and brand availability data as well as location-based mobile shopper insights.

 – MIKA is an editorial shopping platform that features top fashion and lifestyle brands. MIKA utilizes innovative technology to create a visually stunning eCommerce experience unlike any other.

 – Sotrender provides companies with actionable insights enabling them to manage and optimize social media marketing.

 – The Machine Learning platform that gives organizations the power to discover deep analytic insights, predict future trends, make recommendations and reveal untapped markets and customers.

 – Cloud-based interactive advisors help customers choose products, services or things they’ll love – online, mobile and at the POS.

 – Profitect uses pattern analytics to identify revenue reducing activities, and integrated task management provides timely, detailed, and guided actions to resolve the issue. Improvements to the top and bottom line are continuously measured, ensuring sustainability across the business.

 – KaChing! makes coupon marketing more efficient, targeted and secure through a proprietary POS-integrated mobile coupon solution.

 – Indoor GPS technology to micro-locate
shoppers in-store and connect them with products, things, and deals inside the store.

 – Productsup is an intuitive and intelligent product data management platform. Easily collect product data from suppliers, optimize and structure the data, and distribute customized feeds to hundreds of shopping and
marketing channels.

 – MomentFeed dramatically reduces the effort and time needed to manage local communications at the corporate level while also making it safe and easy to take input from the field.

AFTERNOON SESSION: Startup Camp, International, Media & More!

 – All Square Golf harnesses and connects the passion and power of people’s love for golf on one completely free, accessible and engaging social media site designed exclusively for golfers.

 – WhalePath is an on-demand research platform where professionals can order business research from a group of qualified and vetted postgraduate students.

 – Gist uses natural language processing and machine learning to distill massive news feeds into key facts and informed opinions that are easier to digest.

 – “Sowt”, Arabic for “voice”, is an audio-based social networking platform, offering people the ability to engage and interact using short audio posts.

 – Bitlock combines hardware and software elements to enable bicycle sharing for bike fleet owners.

 – Grandata big data analytics platform integrates telcos, social media and third party data to generate actionable insights on human behavior.

 – Qwalytics natural language engines instantly turn business questions into reports (table/chart/pie) and dashboards.

 – Routezilla enables businesses and their customers to seamlessly book on-the-go personnel in real time.

 – OLSET is a big data company that enables any virtual assistant app or travel booking provider to personalize and simplify travel booking.

 – RedTroops is an auction-based eBay style marketplace for in-app advertising.

 – RaynForest is a marketplace for brands to hire influencers to create viral content.

 – Intentiva tracks your movements and infers your intentions to facilitate interactions with TVs and other devices.

 – Listnerd is the TripAdvisor for entertainment. Interest-based communities can create top lists about the best local events.

– Skimo uses machine learning to automatically convert a long-form video (in any language) into 2-3 minute complete video summaries.

 With Snip2Code, developers can easily add, search, or share code snippets through their web application, dev environment plugins, and desktop software.


 – brings curated, innovative design & home decor products from around the globe to Latin America.

 – NextdoorPros helps reward real estate agents for distributing leads to residential contractors.

 – CrowdProcess connects thousands of consumer devices through the internet, using the browser to make a massively parallel grid for supercomputing.

 – TalentCove mobile-first SaaS solution is a powerful “performance engagement” platform transforming how employees and teams engage, develop and excel at work.

 – is a tool that tells businesses where customers are on Google, Bing, Quora, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and 3rd party blogs.

 – Retailers can use ProxToMe’s bluetooth kit to capture shoppers info and influence their purchase experience in-store through branded apps and a web dashboard.

 – Stretchr helps developers minimize ramp up time (get started immediately), and query and leverage unstructured data through new applications.

 – Zighra provides effortless, automatic, and instantaneous user recognition by adding an invisible security layer to mobile authentication.

 – A virtual API to track and monetize or block web scraping on your website.

 – “e-Harmony” matching for financial advisors and the self-employed.

 – Schedule Savvy offers free scheduling and team management software to home cleaning businesses, lowering “slack time”. Customers get access to their availability, prices, and reviews before making booking.

 – Legittrader is a fully verified and transparent social trading platform to teach people how to invest through observation.

 – Home automation bluetooth hub maker Lithouse adds cross-device connectivity so you can control connected devices from outside of the home.

 – Right Relevance recommendation platform redefines mobile reading by unleashing the power of influencer communities.

 – Blue Perch helps Tech-savvy job seekers map their employable skills in a natural language, mobile friendly format.

 –  LoungeBuddy provides a platform for on-demand airport lounge access.

 – Chemisense makes a wearable air quality monitor to help people breathe smarter.



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