Meet the Startups: Fall EXPO, 2012 at Plug and Play Tech Center

Meet the startups of Plug and Play Tech Center’s Fall EXPO! BigLittleBang is a 3D Virtual World for children aged 7-13 based around live musical collaboration with 100K beta players and first revenues, targeting Q4 launch. • Winner of Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star as New Zealand’s most 
promising startup. • US C-Corp since 2011, […]

Meet the startups of Plug and Play Tech Center’s Fall EXPO!

BigLittleBang is a 3D Virtual World for children aged 7-13 based around live musical collaboration with 100K beta players and first revenues, targeting Q4 launch.

• Winner of Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star as New Zealand’s most 
promising startup.
• US C-Corp since 2011, raising USD1M, >50% already committed

Market Summary
•Virtual World registrations in the US grew by 64% in 2011 alone, compared to 37% the year prior (source: 360Kid).
•U.S. Virtual World revenues are expected to increase from 4B today to over 9B in 2013 (source: KZero).

Business Model
• ‘Freemium’ – any child can sign-up and play BigLittleBang for free, but if they want to be the first to explore new planets or customize their spaceship Mom or Dad are asked to pay US$6.95 per month – currently converting players at double the industry norm.

• Additional Revenue Streams: BigLittleBang is iOS ready and will release premium planets for established artists via the iTunes Store.

URL: www.
Space: Online Musical Collaboration Game for Kids
From: New Zealand

Radius is a web/mobile application developed in‐house employing current frameworks and design practices. Radius enables users to easily create Beacons, hotspots that attach digital content to specific areas in the physical world. Users are able to claim their own pieces of virtual real estate and populate them with photos, videos, tweets – akin to setting up personal FM radio towers.

Passersby can access Beacons via mobile to discover local culture, contribute their own content, and chat with others visiting the beacon in the past, present, and future.

Radius address the swiftly expanding content‐hungry crowd that uses social networks on smartphones for entertainment and personal publication. Radius combines beautifully presented multimedia discovery (as proven in the market by Pinterest, among others) with the high demand for local discussion and collaboration (seen by Nextdoor’s growth and recent $18.6m venture round).

Space: Location-Based Virtual Media Tagging & Discovery
University: Duke University
Plug and Play Startup Camp Company


proVITAL’s CARESCAN is a mobile app that provides a medication management solution with image check‐in, patient checklists, and automated label prescription recognition.

The World’s First Medical Crowdsourcing Platform
Powering CARESCAN is the world’s first platform that integrates Artificial Intelligence use of big medical data with a crowdsourcing platform of certified, HIPAA‐compliant medical professionals. The platform’s security, accuracy and human oversight enable delivery of personalized medication checklists, intelligent reminders and prescription reorder and transfer to mobile. Our platform integrates with a major health insurer (Aetna CarePass) and is piloted in a local Stanford independent pharmacy. We are planned to become the first 3rd party app to offer refill and transfer by scan to Walgreens, as well as link to users’ personalized genetic information from 23andMe.

The Problem proVITAL Helps to Solve
$290 billion is the cost of medication non‐adherence in the US, and 125,000 Americans die every year because they don’t take medication as instructed. Diabetes and heart disease patients double their risk of death when they skip on their medication dose.

Space: Mobile Healthcare Medication Management App
Universities: Stanford, Harvard
Plug and Play Startup Camp


myFit’s software utilizes the Microsoft Kinect to enable consumers to scan themselves to create their own 3D virtual replicas with their exact measurements and appearance. Consumers can access these replicas by logging in using their myFit account while on the websites of apparel retailers, and can then use their replicas to try on clothing while shopping online, allowing them to see how the clothing will fit and look on them. This product will be contained entirely by a virtual viewing environment within the browser, never forcing the user to navigate away from the retailers’ site.

The Problem
Apparel retailers make only 10% of all sales online, lagging far behind the 50%+ of all sales made online by most other retail sectors and leaving them unable to capture the stronger margins associated with online sales (2x vs. in‐store). Further, apparel retailers see return rates of 40%+ for online sales, with poor fit as the leading reason for returns. The source of these problems for retailers is the inability of consumers to gauge the look and fit of clothing while shopping online.

myFit’s target market is the US Apparel Retail Industry, which generates $250 billion in annual revenues and is projected to continue growing in size. Online sales account for $25 billion of the market and are projected to increase greatly over time as online sales continue to represent a growing portion of all apparel sales.

Space: The Virtual Fitting Room
Universities: Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins
Plug and Play Startup Camp

GlobaTrek is the world’s first cloud‐based software designed exclusively to serve the needs of the international sales managers and their teams in building, managing, and growing their global sales and marketing distribution channels. Through GlobaTrek, the international sales team can collaborate, transact, and communicate with their international distributors and find new trusted partners.

GlobalTrek considers itself a Global Resource Planning (GRP) system – a next generation Information Technology platform that is designed to help the global community manage, exchange, and relocate resources intelligently, economically, securely, and efficiently across the globe, while facilitating collaboration among its users.

Space: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that presents businesses a new channel to take their products to global markets
University: Carnegie Mellon
Plug and Play Startup Camp


DMD Panorama is an iPhone app that lets people create stunning panoramic pictures, simply. The app is created by Dermandar, a small Lebanese company that specializes in digital image technologies.
• 4.5 million downloads since June 2011
• The number two app (after integral) one week after launch
• 50K daily active users
• 2K panoramic pictures uploaded daily

Site URL:
Space: Panoramic photo-making mobile app for the iPhone


Bonica is an online baby clothing and accessory suggestion service for first time parents. If you’re a new parent wondering what to buy for your baby, Bonica will tell you how many shirts, pants, hats, nappies and more you’re going to need… and we’ll give you a list of what to buy so you don’t forget anything when you’re in the store!

How It Works
Parents tell Bonica their baby’s date‐of‐birth, gender, zip code, laundry habit, and budget profile. Bonica recommends the complete list of baby clothes and equipment, customized to age, the right warmth for the season, the right amount based on laundry cycle, and just enough based on budget level.

Team Bonica created a proprietary bundle recommendation algorithm, using optimization techniques normally applied in supply‐chain and resource‐allocation settings. Bonica’s algorithm can generate a bundle for every zip code in the U.S., for babies from newborn up to 24 months old.

Space: Baby clothes and accessories buying recommendation service
Universities: Yale, National University of Singapore
Plug and Play Startup Camp


Second Funnel is a social marketing automation platform for ecommerce. It identifies hidden purchase intentions in store visitors, and engages with them on the social network of their choice to close the sale. IntentRank is Second Funnel’s proprietary algorithm to discovered hidden purchase intents
based on user behavior. It uses frequent itemset mining & machine learning.

The Problem
Online retailers struggle to turn social media into a reliable sales channel. They spent $1.12 billion in 2011 to acquire and manage social followers, but conversion rates to a sale remain much lower than other channels.

Space: Social marketing automation platform for eCommerce
University: University of Waterloo
Plug and Play Startup Camp

Traverie makes travel discovery fun, inspirational and personalized. Traverie is like an interactive travel magazine experience with content from people you know and trust. Discover new places and seek trusted advice in one place. Take the uncertainty out of your travels.

Traverie is user design focused and provides unique visual discovery experiences – the fun lean back experience and the exploratory information map. We differentiate by providing a rich first experience once you login with a Facebook ID – no forms to fill out, no need to wait for your friends or 10,000 users to sign up. You will be amazed to visually find that your friends have been to a myriad variety of places and to discover new places through their experiences. You will be surprised at how different and unique your friends’ experiences can be even for the same destination. You can create a customized visual plan by collecting friends’ photos, communicating with friends about their experiences, collecting content from the web, your personal notes and email, which you can then take with you offline on your mobile device.

Selected as a Top Travel Innovation of 2012 by PhoCusWright. 2nd Place Winner at California Dreamin’ (19 schools) and Finalist at Berkeley Bplan. Ended private beta with return session time of 8 minutes.

Space: Travel Suggestion Service Based on Friend’s Pictures & Suggestions


TouristEye is a Web & Mobile Travel Guide and Trip Planner. It helps travelers planning a trip with friends and gathering trip info in just one place: itinerary, bookings, maps, city guides, travel journal, etc. Everything is available 100% offline.

User base of 200k travelers growing 15% MoM; they have done 4M+ votes and reviews. 7% paying for Premium features. Monthly burn-rate: $20k. Focus on mobile apps.

Travellers can plan their trips using TouristEye, inviting their friends to join and adding the cities and places they want to visit. They can also add their bookings and ask for suggestions in social networks.

When they open our mobile app everything is there, ready to be downloaded for offline access: day-by-day itinerary, bookings, transport and maps, info and photos, top places to visit, tours, travel journal, etc.

Once back in home the user sync the app with the website and an Online Travel Passport is automatically completed with the trip info. The platform learns from past trips to recommend better destinations and places to visit in future trips.

Space: Travel, Trip Planner (web & mobile)


TazTag creates and provides secure contactless products and solutions based on NFC and Zigbee®. Its core activity is the creation of new, highly secure, multi-application contactless products such as infrastructure like the TazServer and TazKiosk, or mobile products like:

• The TazPad, World 1st NFC&Zigbee® Android Tablet with fingerprint sensor and Secure Element

• The TPH-ONE, World 1st NFC&Zigbee® Android Smartphone with Secure Element

The development framework supporting these products allows customers to easily harness the full potential of NFC and Zigbee to create new services.

There is a need for highly secure mobile platforms, not answered by mobile device global manufacturers and this is where TazTag fits in. By selecting our platforms, our customers can have true mobile & secure platforms, and control the whole security of their solution.
80% of our customers precisely started with Galaxy tablet and external readers attached and then moved to our TazPad.

Space: Mobile Solutions – NFC and Zigbee® enabled products and services creator.

STEALTH Software delivers a solution to enterprise customers and cloud service providers to allow them to manage the explosive growth of unstructured data by securely and transparently off loading the unstructured data to any type of external storage platform. In 2011, Stealth Software generated 1.8 Zettabytes of data, of which 90% is unstructured. Companies need help in storing, managing and securing this data.

Stealth Software Offers:
• Transparent and secure off loading of unstructured data to any platform of choice (on/off premise/cloud/hybrid)
• Write concurrently to various platform (encrypted)
• No need for any middle layers, appliances, gateways etc.
• Transparent and secure backup in the cloud form the application layer

STEALTH Software is dedicated to develop and market advanced enabling technologies that seamlessly integrate applications and infrastructure, to leverage information and content management in cloud computing. Our non-intrusive solutions are targeted to support our customers with coping the complexity in their IT-Landscapes, to reduce their operational IT spend, to enable them to realize the service levels to their businesses processes and maximize value. STEALTH Software is a customer-centric organization and committed to provide premium services & support with a team of highly qualified partners who set the standard for responsiveness, honesty and integrity. The Company was founded in 2007 and is privately owned and funded.

Space: Enterprise Solution Dealing with Unstructured Data

Speaktoit works on products and technologies that help users communicate with services and devices in natural language. Their flagship product is Speaktoit Assistant – a virtual buddy for smartphones that answers questions in natural language, performs tasks, and notifies about important events. The Assistant saves time and makes communication with gadgets and web services easier and less stressful.

A visual avatar gives the Assistant a friendly human appearance, encouraging the user to engage it in casual conversation. The Assistant processes user requests in cloud and contacts relevant external services for information. List of services and functions we currently work with include Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, Eventful, ChaCha, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google Calendar, Google Search, Amazon, Maps and Navigation, IMDB, Wikipedia, News, translators, email, SMS.

• Highest-­‐rated voice assistant for Android. Rating: 4.6 and growing
• 3,500,000+ downloads
• Speaks English, Spanish, Russian. More languages to come
• Available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7
• Offices in the US (Sunnyvale) and Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk)

Awards and Recognition
• One of “Top 10 Android Apps of the Year” by New York Times
• Winner of RedHerring Top 100 Global Award
• Winner of Stanford SSE Labs Demo Day Competition
• Winner of Result on Innovation Contest by Cisco

Space: An advanced mobile, visual, personal assistant.

Sonda41 is the social media analytics and monitoring solution that allows business owners not only to regain control of their digital identity, but also to display it directly on their website for the benefit of their clients. Customers will leverage the power of a personal social media solution to access a set of information from multiple sources in the same place.

Through the Sonda 41 SaaS dashboard, where all information can be monitored and analyzed on the web, a business owner can unleash the power of social media information. For the hospitality and restaurant market, partnerships with reservation platforms represent the perfect match for a rapid scale.

According to the most recent research regarding the US market, 79% of companies plan to use social media to improve their business. Over 70% of consumers trust reviews even though they don’t know the reviewer, and 2 out of 3 purchasing decisions are influenced by them. The specific segment we are tackling in this phase is the hotel industry. An impressive 90% of hotel managers think reviews are very important, and nearly as many (81%) visit review sites at least weekly.

Space: Social Media/Analytics Monitoring Tool for Business Owners
University: University of Piza
Plug and Play Startup Camp

Smartaxi is a customer demand forecasting software service for taxi drivers.


PoolParty Software is based on W3C semantic web standards like SKOS and SPARQL, it is language-agnostic and has a GUI & API for consuming, publishing & editing linked data. The three core components are used for
• Build / maintain knowledge models (PPT)
• Concept based meaning extraction & Text Mining (PPX)
• Semantic information retrieval & search (PPS) 
PoolParty APIs can be integrated with existing enterprise platforms like Microsoft Sharepoint, WordPress, Drupal, Atlassian Confluence.

Enable enterprises to create and manage scalable knowledge models, extract meaning and relations from big data and link enterprise data; enable complex queries over various information sources; provide knowledge enrichment, search assistants, information mash-ups etc.

As a vertical technology PoolParty serves various industries: information management becomes more & more challenging with increase of amount and complexity of data. Organizations strongly demand solutions that extract meaning from big data automatically and allow integrated views on information. The willingness to pay is high, the knowledge about state-of-the-art solutions is low.



Scan connects the physical world with the digital universe through QR code, NFC, image recognition and other mobile transaction technologies.

Many popular sites and actions are only available/possible
in the digital world (ex. Pinterest, ecommerce, Facebook, etc).

Solution (user)
Users can store their social, payment, and other information within Scan’s popular apps, enabling them to take digital actions in the real world with a simple scan.
(ex. “Scan to Like”, “Scan to Buy”, etc)

Solution (business)
Businesses can generate digital/mobile experiences as well as the QR codes/NFC tags linking to them using Scan’s popular site,
Some of these mobile experiences include mobile commerce, lead generation, social media, and more. URL:

Pinerly is a service that helps people market visual content across the web. Pinerly gives anyone with visual content the ability to post it across visually centered sites, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. and “virally boost” it using our network of publishers to reach a larger audience.

Technology and Partnerships
Since our launch in April 2012 we signed up 67,200 brands to our platform with 21,4000 actively using our platform, including:

Social media markePng is esPmated to surpass $16.9 billion in revenues, with more than half of that, $8.8 billion, to come from adverPsing. Huge opportunity for social media markePng plaNorms -­‐ similar to having a website in ’05 where everyone knew they needed it but weren’t sure why.

Space: Platform to help market visual content across the web
University: University of Toronto
Plug and Play Startup Camp


NG Data is the consumer intelligence company that empowers enterprises seeking greater customer lifetime value to drive actionable consumer behavior through its unique combination of machine learning and big data technologies in one integrated solution.

Market Validation:
Big Data market is one of the fastest growing technology markets. As per Wikibon research, Big Data market is expected to grow at 58% CAGR from $5B to $53B between 2012 and 2017.
According to Gartner Research ‐ Enterprises have an unmet business need for strategic decision making to stay competitive that has a high degree of processing complexity; where the data is predominately non‐structured; where the analysis technique is continuously evolving; that needs to process high volumes of data

LilyTM is the consumer intelligence solution that enables enterprises to gain real‐time actionable insights into their customers, products, markets and operations with an interactive Big Data Management system. These insights help them in driving sales and customer retention with granular segmentation and targeting, and in real‐time risk assessment and fraud prevention.

Mi5 Security delivers Instant Surveillance Anywhere.
Our technologies make it simple and affordable for customers to protect and monitor assets and environments around the world.

Customers are able to install a self-powered camera outdoors in 30 seconds, then immediately view captured events through any browser or smartphone – anywhere.

Our iDefigo cloud surveillance service delivers a simple all-in-one monthly subscription service for customers to manage remote surveillance cameras. This is the first VSaaS platform to be built specifically for mobile and cellular devices. iDefigo is “mobile first”.
Our ecosystem creates new disruptive surveillance channels amongst security integrators, IT integrators, M2M vendors and wireless carriers with a high ARPU service.

Market Validation:
Our full product set was released in early 2011 in our launch markets of New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Our launch customers have transmitted four million events through iDefigo.
Notable successes include the adoption of our technologies by the Environment Agency in the UK (equiv to the EPA) to monitor up to 30,000 water culverts. Further, one of the world’s largest wireless carriers has selected our products to launch through their enterprise sales channels in multiple countries.


The Lemon Wallet turns your smartphone into a dynamic mobile wallet that organizes and stores your cards, receipts, coupons and more, so you can access what you need more conveniently. Plus, you can use the digitized information to connect with your favorite brands and retailers, see how you spend your money, and learn to spend smarter.

• Store your wallet in the cloud and access it from anywhere
• Interact with transaction details in real-time
• Save at retailers and connect with brands you love
• Always have a backup in case your wallet is lost or stolen 
How it works:

1. Snap a photo of each physical card in your wallet to add it to your digital
2. Tap on any digital card to see the number, security code and expiration date.
3. Snap a photo of paper receipts to add spending details to your digital wallet.
4. See how much you’ve spent and what you spent it on, with at-a-glance
5. Learn to spend smarter with special offers from your favorite retailers and

LemonADE – Lemon’s API Development Engine
With LemonADE, developers can request access to receipts, cards and other compartments of a user’s wallet and use this information to create valuable add-ons.
Lemon add-ons come in many varieties. A cashback add-on can leverage data from receipts to help users monitor price drops. An e-commerce add-on can leverage credit card details to complete transactions. Brands can push notifications based on consumer behavior. And this is just the start; we can’t wait to see what new idea comes next.
Not a developer? No problem. LemonADE makes it possible for anyone to create membership cards, coupons, event tickets or gift cards. Open up a world of opportunities for anyone interested in finding new customers and better connecting with existing customers – no programming required! Create an add- on in a matter of minutes with the LemonADE Wizard.

Kermdinger Studios – “Bringing the Virality of Social Gaming to Traditional Video Games”

There are 2 major, but almost completely mutually exclusive, markets in gaming: Social Games and Traditional Games. Social games like FarmVille are inherently viral in nature in that they require players to reach out to others in order to progress in the games, which in turn spreads the word about the games. Social games are also often in the cloud, which means players can access their save data and other game information from anywhere on virtually any gaming device.

Traditional games like Call of Duty, while wildly popular, do not possess the same viral potential and accessibility as social games and thus have a much slower sales growth rate while requiring a much higher marketing budget.

We are developing multi-platform traditional video games that can be accessed from virtually any gaming device and are compelling enough to motivate players to want to share their experiences by choice; we simply provide them with the tools easily to do so on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to give our games tremendous viral potential. To accomplish this, we’ll be building a lot of very useful social integration and cloud-based technology for traditional games, so we will sell this technology alongside our games to other independent developers like ourselves. Most investors see game development as high-risk because of the volatile nature and unpredictability of the gaming industry. By combining a service with a steady revenue stream with our game development, we’re mitigating the risk of relying solely on game sales to produce revenue for our company. This is a successful model followed by several major game studios such as Valve (Steam distribution platform) and Epic Games (Unreal Game Engine).

Technology and Partnerships
We’re developing our games using the Unity3D Game Engine, which is a multi-platform engine capable of producing very high-quality 3D games for a very small one-time purchase. We’re also heavily relying on the YouTube API to provide a unique social video leaderboard experience and are currently working with YouTube/Google employees to get the absolute most out of their fantastic service.

Gremln – Secure Social Media and Sentiment Analytics Platform
Opportunity: Gremln is “Secure Social Media”
A sea-change is happening in the way that companies are communicating with their customers in recent years. Many companies have discovered that social media networks are a great medium to market their products and build vibrant customer communities. Once this approach is adopted, businesses need metrics and actionable insights to determine if their efforts in social media are yielding a positive return on investment. Businesses also need tools to give them peace-of-mind that involvement in social media will not damage their brand and that they maintain compliance with regulatory industries. is exactly the tool set they are looking for. Gremln is a well timed venture in this new advertising medium and is poised to profit from the desire of businesses to securely communicate, learn, and determine their return on investment in social media.
The Concept:
Management: Gremln is a web-based software tool for businesses that use social media. Gremln has created a suite of tools to help businesses get organized and take control of their brand within the most popular social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus). Gremln is both a communication and an analysis platform featuring sentiment analysis and regulatory compliance monitoring. Businesses are able to manage all of their social media accounts from several networks within one easy-to-use website. To close the loop, Gremln has also developed a robust, real-time, social data analytics platform. This enables businesses to better understand their communities by providing actionable data about customers, product sentiment, and revenue generated from social media efforts.

Compliance: Gremln also offers an array of compliance tools created specifically for regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare. These tools, which include Message Archives, Team Supervision, Message Approval, and Keyword Compliance, have been designed to help companies meet the requirements outlined by such regulating authorities as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Boutique stores are looking for effective ways to upsell & cross-­‐sell to customers who prefer self-­‐service. Over 70% of shoppers at these boutique stores find it challenging to make purchase decisions in the absence of consumer-­‐driven recommendations & reviews.
Store managers do not have enough consumer analytics (for e.g. items that consumers viewed in-­‐store but did not purchase) required to optimize their offers & inventory. Consumers are frustrated with marketing via paper coupons, email, radio etc. that are difficult to track and lack personalization.

For consumers, Shoppin’Pal is a comprehensive in-­‐store mobile shopping app that provides effective recommendations & reviews, mobile self-­‐checkout, digital receipts, wish lists & gift registries, and an integrated rewards experience.

Plug and Play Startup Camp

Claco is the fastest growing education network in the world. We enable teachers to collaboratively build their lessons, a process that usually takes 200+ hrs / year. We cut this number in half by allowing teachers to use lessons already built on Claco as a springboard. Teachers save time while increasing lesson quality via curation: a process powered by scalable crowd- sourcing.

Market Validation:
-Alpha product netted 16,000 K-12 teachers and over 100,000 students and parents in just two months
-Acquisition offers from leading consumer & educational technology companies
-Digital content for textbooks currently holds about 6% of the market; that number is anticipated to rise to 35% by 2016
-Online learning enrollment is growing 17% year over year

We are open-sourcing education. We’ve built a collaborative educational platform that makes building, sharing and storing class lessons incredibly easy. This content is proliferated internationally, allowing relationships between educators and educated to be as close or as far as wanted.


Timex is a platform helping people to create, categorize and share stories using timelines.

Existing social networks use single timeline to record progresses of people’s life. The problem is that friends do not care about every single moment of a person’s life. Plug everything on one timeline introduces too much noise for those who care about only one specific category. Complexity of privacy setting is another issue related to single timeline approach.

The solution is that users should have multiple timelines telling different stories of their lives. Each timeline could record a hobby development, growing moments, the path to achieve a goal or even a specific period of time.

Sharing and Connect
With multiple timelines, users now can share different timelines only to people who are relevant. For example, they can share travel timelines with travel friends, snowboarding timelines with snowboarding buddies, and dating timelines only with significant others. On the other hand, users follow only the timelines they care about or they were part of. A noise filter on the news feeds is automatically applied. Timex can also connect people with common interest to form communities.

We develop our company in a technology-­‐oriented way. Technologies involving machine learning and artificial intelligence are backing up the concept and vision of Timex.

Content Ramen is a be2er way for SMBs to create effective, branded content for social media

According to eMarketer, the leading challenge for marketers is “Creating Original Content.” Content creation tools have not caught up with the number of platforms and social networks that are available. In other words, small business have ways to distribute their content but limited tools to help them create effective, personalized content.

Content Ramen cuts the time, energy, and guesswork that goes into creating branded content for social media. By automating the process of creating content, we’re solving the daily pain of creating effective content for the web that SMBs need to engage their potential customers online.

Our web platform automates the content creation process by:
1) Selectively curating content 2) Providing step-­‐wise instructions for SMBs to customize the curated content 3) Making it easy to push content to social media pages.

SMBs spend $33B each year marketing to consumers. There is an abundance of advertising platforms and social networks that help marketers reach their target audiences, but without content – these platforms are ineffective and remain underutilized.

University: Carnegie Mellon University
Plug and Play Startup Camp


Our mission is to disrupt the home automation market and redefine how people control their home environment by creating an affordable and flexible solution using Bluetooth 4.0

brightblu is making home automation simple, affordable and available to every person who owns a smartphone. Leveraging the capabilities of the smartphone, we provide an easy way to control your entire home environment from the palm of your hand. By building an open platform, we will create an ecosystem of partners and developers that enhances our core technology with innovative ways to automate your home. Adding new features to control, monitor, and automate your home will be as simple as downloading an app on your smartphone.

While home automation is a $3.2 billion industry, current solutions have not truly penetrated the consumer market because they are extremely expensive, difficult to install, and frustrating to use. By creating a plug and play solution that is customizable and scalable, we eliminate the need for professional installation, leaving it in the hands of the user to easily automate their homes through a simple smartphone UI.

Plug and Play Startup Camp

Zabzo gets students organized and then rewards them for staying organized. For students, Zabzo provides an essential service – a no maintenance task list with all of their assignments for the semester. For partners, Zabzo provides access to the marketing holy grail – college students.

The concept for Zabzo was born at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business during CEO Kristina Chang’s first semester. Her brilliant classmates were always asking her how she stayed on top of all of her classes and still managed to go surfing all the time. Kristina knew that a highly organized approach to tackling assignments was her secret sauce. After some thought, she was ready to share the wealth and started building the world’s first no maintenance task list for students.
Zabzo came to fruition as a part of Launchpad, the startup class at Stanford’s run by Michael Dearing and Perry Klebahn. The end result was an intuitive and useful product that will revolutionize the way students approach their homework and the way brands engage with students.

A customized online calendar that comes fully loaded with all of a student’s assignments for the semester. Zabzo is free and unlike other education technology services, creates no extra work for professors or universities. Further, unlike University administered calendar systems that are principally confined to coursework and non-configurable, Zabzo is completely configurable and customizable by the students to assist with their entire schedule, not just college coursework.


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